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Puisi Cinta – Please Forgive Me

Please Forgive Me
by: Prio Setiyoko

The best way to protect our love
Is to be ourselves
But I can’t make it
Because I’m a man
With a lotta weakness

I was being somebody
Who’s not me,
I was being somebody
But I do not recognize him
Because I don’t know
who is he…

I made a pretender of me to be rich
I was said that I’m perfect to you
But I don’t know if I make 

A stupid mistake
I’ve just borrowed a car
And I said that car is mine

But, darling did you know
If every people has a second chance
To fix anything
To make their life better
Did you know
If there is always the second chance
As long as breath entry to my nose
As long as my heart beating

Or as long as god not needed me, yet
Or as long as god give me a chance to life

I know fight is not a good way, for fixing
Or to make better in our lives
But will you give me a chance to fix it
To be a part of your life
Even just one more time.
Or even just one time
Or even just one second

Will you give me a chance
To explain anything
Will you give me anything
To say that I still love you

If you will
Let me say to you
If I’m nobody
just silly man who’s a pretender

To be anything

Even I don’t have car
I don’t have much money
I am just a stupid man
Who owes anything from friends
To get your heart


owe (verb) = hutang
silly (adjective) = konyol
pretend (verb)  = pura-pura

Dikirimkan oleh Prio Setiyoko Pada 21/12/2011 Jam 13:15:00

Notes: I’ve revised some words to be colloquially perfect; the content and the rhymed words are unchanged. Please tell me whether there’s a mistake of writing in this poem.

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